Badgley Mischka Dress

It seems like another lifetime when I was making work clothes to wear to large conventions. My camera roll shows me that I completed this in late February. 

Pattern: Vogue's Badgley Mischka Misses' Raised-Neckline Dress #V1460
Fabric: 3yds jersey knit
Cost: $40

This is a Badgely Mischka designer pattern from Vogue. I liked the fitted skirt with the bloused top and the fact that it could be made up in a comfy knit for work. The pattern looks easy enough but don't let that fool you. The thing to remember is that anytime they're adapting from a designer you get all the creative little design features that come with it. Normally that's really interesting but, in this case, it just wasn't worth it to fiddle with the design when the look could be achieved with so much less work. 

The main design feature of this dress is the raised, pleated neckline. If you read Pattern Review, this is also the element that causes the most headache. It is accomplished with some interesting pleating along the shoulder. This is then combined with a cut-on sleeve in the front that then attaches to a regular armscye in the back. Essentially, the cut-on sleeve is all one piece - you then have to attach the back part of the sleeve to back bodice, and then attach it all to the lining. Don't get it? Yeah...  I struggled with both making the pleats and attaching the sleeves and lining. The directions and pattern markings are a bit vague. 

Oh! And the one other thing I wanted to note is that the pattern says you only need ~2yds of fabric, depending on the size you're making. I was surprised considering the cut-on sleeves. It didn't take quite as much fabric as I would have though, but I'd recommend buying 3 yards just in case...

My end result was also not amazing. The top looks very droopy on me. Not sure if it's the pattern, my fabric, or my sewing, but it's not as polished as I would have liked. I think if I were to make this again I would use the skirt and the proportions of the top and lining but then sub in my favorite Tessuti Mandy Boat tee or other pattern and leave the creative construction off. The back fit isn't bad...

I've been sewing a ton on the weekend under quarantine. I'm actually rather enjoying the lazy weekends though I miss a night out now and then. For me the hardest part is by far the worry of what's happening in our country and around the world, and have been very fortunate enough to be able to stay home and try to reduce the spread. Hope everyone else is hanging in there!


  1. I think that color looks great on you. Sorry that it didn't live up to expectations. perhaps a bit too long in the bodice? but it looks like a dress you can definitely wear to business type occasions - whenever we go back to those! take care

  2. Meg,
    Great dress, you are a bit hard on yourself.
    If the top needs anything it's graduated ease, more near the neck fading just below the bust points and a trim tummy section - more cowl than constricture about the neck and atop the chest. The skirt is working from the front view, and working overtime from the back view (with all due respect).

  3. I love this pattern and think the fit is great...I just wonder if single jersey is a bit TOO drapey for this pattern. I think a lightweight ponte or heavy jersey would be perfect!

    I REALLY love the color on you!


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