V1645 Sewalong Post 4 - The Final Garment

This is the final post for my V1645 sewalong! As I mentioned at the start, one way I've been coping with the shelter-in-place and the worry about what is going on in the world is to dive deep into a complex project. It's a nice silver lining that I hadn't had time to work on this one until now! For this reason, if you are in the same boat, I thought it would be fun to offer some encouragement to take on this very popular Vogue Pattern.

If you're looking for other posts in this series they can be found here:

Pattern: Vogue 1645 Rachel Comey Misses' Jumpsuit
Fabric: 3 yds cotton-linen blend
Cost: $60

Today I'm sharing with you my final version! By now I had researched the pattern, sewn a muslin, and sewed it up. With all the extra work I'd done to perfect my fit and construction, I thought I could get this done with no problem. However, as I went I tried it on for a final check and... the crotch hung down around my knees! Turns out the loosely woven fabric had stretch horribly during construction. Yikes!

While I am generally pretty conscious about not stretching out my fabric as I sew, it looks like this fabric needed extra care. The fact that it was more loosely woven than the firm bedsheet I'd used as a muslin probably also contributed to some fit issues. The thing has a lot of fabric so can really pull on the garment when worn. Furthermore, the seams appeared to have stretched horribly as I finished my seams, bound the armholes, and turned under the neckline. I had to cast it aside for the night and come up with a new plan.

In the morning, I decided I could try to salvage it by taking up the shoulder seams. I unpicked the armhole and the neckline and took over an inch out from the front and the back at the shoulder seam. I then unpicked the entire neckline and used elastic to stabilize and ever so slightly draw in the neckline (something I should have done in the first place - I recommend stabilizing the neckline in the instructions). When I tried it on again things were actually much better! The crotch is still a bit lower than I would have liked but everything was back to a place that much more approximated its intended position. I further hemmed the legs and it was worth salvaging! So I'm here to encourage you not to get frustrated if things don't completely go your way at first.

Here she is in full:

She's still slightly less fitted than my muslin but very nice indeed. Also now the armholes are a little too high due to me taking up the shoulders. But I'm OK with it. 

I almost never sew with linen but am really liking the look lately and am even willing to risk a few wrinkles. This fabric is a cotton-linen blend so it's a little less wrinkle-prone, plus I pre-treated it with a hot wash and dry and a dry iron right after. 

This is definitely intended to be a summer staple for warm days and barbecues, if we ever go back to having those again. But what I like about it is that it pairs equally well with a shirt underneath and I think could be worn all year round. I could really see this at a holiday party later in the year. Thanks again to Beulah Birtley for the inspiration! 

I also wanted to show you another view in the finished garment. So often when I'm interested in a wrap pattern or one with interesting construction I'm very curious to learn more about how it all goes together. As a reminder, I made myself some extra long ties that fully wrap around my body instead of the shorter belt. However, that front overlay is still the same. Here she goes fully open, wrapping the belt, and tied closed at the side: 

And a few more shorts for you just so you can see how the overlay looks different in different poses. Sometimes it just looks like wide-leg pants and other times it makes the whole thing look like a dress. So fun!

Ok I think I need to stop sewing aspirational clothes for a minute because I'm getting a bit sad and anxious that I can't wear them out. Next up I have some comfy loungewear clothes to share that were quick to sew and are going to get worn ALL. THE. TIME.

I do hope that this series was helpful though and would love to see if anyone has found these instructions useful! 


  1. good save, I think the body length in a jumpsuit is the tricky part. love this color on you. Great item in your wardrobe and thanks for all the details.

  2. I have recently ordered this pattern and waiting for it to arrive from the UK, feeling quite impatient about it as I'm excited to give this jumpsuit a go. I was reading about versions of it on Pattern Review and liked what Beulah had to say and I will also be guided by your advice on it. I am a full-time dressmaker but some of Vogue's complex designs & instructions can have me perplexed at times. I'm planning two different denim versions of this style after recently completing Vogue 1591 and Papercut Patterns Sierra jumpsuit in softer/flowier fabrics.
    Thanks again for your informative posts, I really think they're going to get me through once I can get started...also your photos of the steps look helpful!

  3. I love this jumpsuit, the color and fabric looks awesome great details, thanks for the guide

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