Greenstyle Tempo Tights

For the past fifteen years, I've worn the same workout clothes. Yup. They were high quality, made to last, and, while not particularly fashionable, I didn't need anything special to go for a run. But recently my workout clothes have started to show their age. Holes, sagging, you know the drill. And the new ones I bought just weren't cutting it - not stretchy enough, ill-fitting, not breathable (!). So despite never feeling the urge to sew workout wear before, I finally decided it was time to make my own. And you guys, I've caught the workout wear bug. I pretty much want to dress like an IG workout influencer now.

Pattern: Greenstyle Creations Tempo Tights
Fabric: spandex
Cost: $10

While I've made a few pairs of Greenstyle tights now, this one is definitely the pinnacle of wild workout wear. Bright colors? Check. Color blocking? Check. Swooping seam lines. Check check. 

In full disclosure though, this pair was actually somewhat of an accident. I bought some pink "twill" from Spandex World only to realize when it arrived that it was... spandex. Not quite suitable for its intended purpose. But, it did turn out to be a good opportunity to try out my new Greenstyle Tempo Tights pattern. 

This is the second Greenstyle tights pattern I've made after the Stride Tights. These have a similar pocket style and fit. But what I appreciated about this pattern was that, while similar to the other one, offered a different style of pocket construction, a differently shaped gusset, and the waistband style lines had been adjusted to match the lines of the pants. I appreciated this attention to detail and getting the most out of each pattern.

Of course, what I really like about this pattern is the cool seam lines and potential for color-blocking. This spandex was darker pink on one side and lighter on the other, which was perfect for this pattern. I also found some red mesh in my stash and was able to squeeze out the calf cutout for the full ombre look. If you're sewing these up, I highly recommend basting along the inseam to make sure your color-blocking perfectly matches up. I don't usually baste but it's definitely worth the extra effort here.

In terms of fit, I love that I can sew my own tights that actually fit. Other tights I've bought have been too tight in the leg and too loose at the waist, leading them to ride down as I ran. Looking at the Greenstyle size chart, I now realize that it is because my thigh is actually several sizes bigger than my hip. I already knew I was pear-shaped, but I didn't realize that I needed to size up for my thighs as well. Much better! 

The only thing now is I have the urge to sew a matching top. And I have like three more spandex colors coming in the mail. Please send help - this may be one of those weird quarantine obsessions. 


  1. those are cute and no one will miss you as you run by :)

  2. I love this and I'm not a big fan of pink. Oh, and you must make a coordinating top!


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