Summer Jeans

Ok it's a bit weird to follow up my fall pants with a post about summer pants, but I'm blogging a bit out of order here. Plus it was 90 degrees today (quite warm for any season here, especially when we don't have AC), so I don't feel totally unjustified talking about these now. Though it is of course too warm for these now, too!

Fabric: 1.5 yds Cone Mills stretch denim
Cost: $30 

I also realize that I'm pretty slow on trends. This style of pants has been trendy for a few years, with the ever-popular Lander Pants published in 2017 and the Persephones in 2018. I am just now catching on. But my latency also gives me the chance to watch the trends and decide how I want to do them. While the above patterns are fun, I always felt they both had too many crotch wrinkles. I chose instead this New Look pattern, which retails for just over $4 and uses a pattern block that I'm a bit more familiar with. 

The result? Meh maybe still some crotch wrinkles. But they feel pretty good on and were made with minimal adjustment. I think they look pretty good in person!

I did read Pattern Review before I started and saw that they have a slash pocket that doesn't sit very flat at the hip. Honestly, I think that problem is a bit intrinsic to slash pockets - they always seem to gape open and don't seem to do a good job at holding onto their contents, either. I replaced them with the faux welt pocket of the Deer & Doe Safran Pant, using the wrong side of the jean fabric for the welt for a bit of contrast. Everything is topstitched in white. 

I used my treasured stretch Cone Mills Denim for this project, which I've been holding onto for years. I bought it not too long before they shut down their last American plant. When it arrived in the mail I realized it wasn't quite stretchy enough for skinny jeans, but it is great for this style. The denim is 12 oz and should soften a bit with age.

OK I do have one more pants pattern to share so hopefully it's not raining ash or too hot this weekend to take some photos. 2020 continues to be a dumpster fire!

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