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Just after the first week of November, I took a COVID test, donned my best face mask, and got on a plane to Maui with my husband, parents, and brother. It was HEAVEN. We still practiced social distancing with other guests, cooked our meals at home, and put up with some construction noise as the hotel took advantage of the downtime. But the time away in the sun with family and fish and blue waters did me a lot of good. It felt so much easier to be happy!

Pattern: Sophie Hines's Altitude Thong and Axis Tank
Fabric: remnant poly spandex
Cost: $5

I took advantage of the opportunity to try out this fun new underwear pattern from Sophie Hines. While I have no use for a ruffle thong in my day-to-day life, I thought it might make the perfect cheeky bikini for the beach. Not quite as revealing as the ones the locals wear, but something a bit different for me. Isn't that back view fun?!

I probably wouldn't have made it up in pink except it was one of the last suitable fabrics in my stash. It is also a different color on each side, making it perfect for color blocking. The fabric was the result of a mistaken order earlier in the year (I hate ordering exclusively by mail!). I squeezed the suit out of the last remnants and had just enough. Unfortunately, I did make the mistake of cutting out the leg ruffles as identical pieces rather than mirrored. But luckily I was able to piece together a second one, though there's an extra seam in there. It's fun and we'll call it a wearable muslin!

I did modify the ruffle slightly. It's unhemmed, which makes it a bit longer than directed in the pattern, though only by a quarter inch. I then shortened the front by about an inch. It hangs slightly differently than on Sophie, but I like the final result. 

To pair with it, I naturally chose the Sophie Hines Axis tank, shortened by a few inches. I could also see something more feminine, but they work well together. 

Unlike the undies, the Axis tank doesn't quite fit me right - it's much longer in the back than the front, which I fixed when I shortened it. It does have good compression though and I can say it stayed on well. Both survived a paddleboarding session and I can say were quite comfortable. 

Leaving the island back to rain and spiking virus cases in California was hard, but I'm glad I got some time in the sun. And another excuse to sew a bathing suit!

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  1. oh you lucky thing! or smart to jump on the chance to jet to paradise. I keep thinking about doing so. Cute swim set.


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