The Seabright at the Beach

We're settling into our new home in Santa Cruz, complete with this amazing view down the street! I couldn't think of a better swimsuit for our kayaking and ocean adventures than Friday Pattern Company's Seabright Swimmers. My only regret is not being able to photograph them at Seabright.

Pattern: Friday Pattern Company's Seabright Swimmers
Fabric: 2 yds nylon spandex
Cost: $20

What I love about this bathing suit is the long sleeves for plenty of sun protection. I guess you can't say the same thing about the plunging neckline or bikini-cut bottoms, but that's what makes this suit fun. I've been wanting to make this for over a year to keep my shoulders covered and I'm so glad I finally did. 

I was a little worried about the fit of this suit, and there's lots of areas on it that can be tricky to fit. For one, I have a long torso and a one-piece design can be tricky. The plunging neckline can also be problematic, especially if it gapes and you're out moving around. However, I found that neither were a problem on this suit. I measured the pattern pieces carefully and decided the length was just fine. As for the neckline, a strip of elastic and the nice way the fabric hugs the back of my neck seem to keep everything in place, even when out pushing my kayak past the surf. 

For the bottoms, I made them extra cheeky. I like the look but might go back and re-cut them as the pattern calls for as they can ride up a bit. Other than that, the only other change I made was to not fully line the suit. I'm out of lining and using self fabric would be too bulky. Plus it's easy to sew up without it. 

For those wondering why I'm showing off my bathing suit in October, I will say it's one of the nicest times of year around here. We've had beach days this month that are in the 80s, and it's a great time for the local beach festival, building san castles, and just sitting on the shore. Here's hoping it's not a long winter because I'm clearly loving it here!

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  1. that looks so good! so much better than buying. also I expect you could also use the pattern and make it as a top only. and yes late Sept. and October the secret best season for lovely weather :)


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