If you look at my posts, you know I love to make dresses. I'm trying to diversify into making some cute tops, but dresses are easy to make because they are complete wardrobe pieces in one. But alas, not every day (in fact not most days) around here are sunny days for walks on the beach or cocktail parties in the city. Nevertheless, here is some of my inspiration (past and present) for dresses.

Right now I have a Vogue pattern for a structured strapless dress. It is supposed to be an upgrade from my Sweetheart dress. I'm thinking of making this one white and black or grey with yellow piping. Something subtle and versatile (well, as far as fancy dresses go) but still trendy and cute.

This dress from ModCloth was the original inspiration for my Traditional Mexican dress. It was only after I returned to the US that I realized how popular it was. Anyway, this is a super cute, super easy style, and you can even purchase a tank top and attach a skirt to it if you want something good for a beginner project.

This is a variation on the above dress, also from ModCloth, but without the outer elastic band. You could either use an interior elastic band or put in a zipper.

This is an inspiration for how to mix and match patterns. I want to try it out with another new Vogue dress pattern that I got.
I looked up this dress (and a few more like it) when making my Graduation Dress. I knew I had seen this look on some celebrities, but it was actually not as common as I thought.

One night for a dinner date, I borrowed my roommate's sister's new banded dress. At the restaurant, I received three compliments in the first 15 minutes alone. Banded dresses are super trendy right now and very flattering on. I plan to make mine a one shoulder dress in some blue cotton lycra that I accidentally bought 12 yards of when upholstering by boyfriend's couch. Venus here is my inspiration.

I've recently been inspired to do another sheer-sleeved dress like my Graduation Dress out of a fabric I bought along with the fabric for my Fall Dress. I've been inspired by some of the new necklines out there, and because the neckline of my graduation dress didn't turn out so hot. Here is some inspiration:

I don't know if I'll end up making the dress, but it could be fun.

On my search I was also intrigued by this simple yet stylish dress, which appeared to have similar but more simple construction techniques than my Fall Dress.

Finally, I don't know if I'd ever wear this dress (maybe to work?) but I thought it was a cool idea and had interesting construction.

This one is a fun because it's sheer yet covered at the same time.

I think I've had a thing for gold dresses lately. Here is a gold one that I thought would be a simple but cute holiday dress (although my friend reminded me that Mondo on PR had a very hard time sewing sequins).

And here is the Taylor Swift version that gives a little more sex appeal to gold.
More sparkles!


  1. I have to ask from where you got the pattern to the beige/yellow and black dress at the top. Is this one from the vogue pattern in the link or is this from some other pattern? It doesn't look like the one from vogue.

  2. Ooh yes good catch--the dress is also from ModCloth. Unfortunately they have such a wide selection and rotating stock that I doubt it's still for sale there :(


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