Garment Vocabulary

As a self-taught seamstress, I never quite acquired the sort of professional vocabulary that allows me to talk about garments. I've figured out that the "boob part" is the bodice and can distinguish between a set-in sleeve and a raglan, but having the vocabulary of a professional would not only allow me to talk about my projects but even learn about new styles and properly construct my garments. Here's a round-up of some different styles--please let me know if you have any other good resources!

Types of Sleeves:

Collars and Necklines:

Types of Dresses:


Parts of a Dress Shirt:


  1. OMG there is a difference between a shift and a sheath. You are blowing my mind!

  2. Englist is not my native lagnuage, and sometimes is verry hard to translate some words regarding sewing. This is verry helping, but it's problem because letters are too small.
    my regard Jadranka

  3. Hi Jadranka--if you click on the images, they do get slightly bigger. Unfortunately the sources I got them from have them very small. Best of luck!

  4. OMG You made my day!! I have an online store and you have no idea how much time I spend to write the item descriptions. I am always reviewing different online stores to find similar styles to get the right word to explain the details. Thank youuuuuu!!!!

  5. That's do great! I love the mutton sleeve...made me laugh!

  6. Your neckline diagram is missing crew neck and boat neck - though I don't have an additional diagram to offer, sorry :-)

  7. These is really easy to understand. Thanks so much.

  8. There are pictures missing here.

    Have a nice day, and thank you for the post :)


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