The No-Knit Hat

Fabric: Fleece

Ok, there's been something about hats lately. Maybe it's the cold weather. Maybe I should just get it together and wash my hair more. Either way, they're quick, simple and cute. Here's one I've been making since I was a little kid. This is a sewing pattern (hence the title) made from four triangular pieces for the dome and a fold-over brim that wraps around the base. Make it in a fuzzy fleece for warmth or a sleeker stretch fabric for style. I am contemplating a hat with a flannel dome and a knit brim. Hmmmm...

Cut a rectangle for the brim out of your fabric--it should be long enough to wrap around your head and should be four times as wide as the desired brim width (don't forget to leave room for selvages!). Next cut four triangles for the dome. Each should be tall enough to extend from the top of your head to the brim and, combined, their bases should be as long as the brim (1/4 of the brim length each). You may want to make a paper pattern first. To construct the hat, pin the right sides of the triangles together and sew along the middle lines shown in the top view (above). Connect the ends of the brim together to make a circle, and fold it in half ("hot dog" style) so that there are no raw ends on one edge. Right sides together, sew the raw edges of the brim to the base of the triangles. Fold the brim up to wear. Viola!

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