Sweetheart Dress

Pattern: Made to fit with help from McCall's Misses'/Miss Petite Tunic #M5325
Fabric: 1 yard stretch lycra, 1 yard cotton print, + boning
Cost: $25

Sewing directions:

Step 1: Figure out the dimensions and pattern of the dress by drawing your mesurements on the lining fabric. For the bodice, I marked the positioning of the dress on my body, the depth of the neckline, and the length of the hem. I fit the bodice to my body because I usually have to alter ready-made patterns anyway, and the skirt I traced from my favorite McCall's pattern, adjusting it to the desired length.

Step 2: Sew the outside pieces together to make a front and back (i.e. skirt  to waisteband to bodice top).

Step 3: Next sew the boning to the inside of the lining. The boning I used came pre-encased, so I didn't make a sleeve for it but rather sewed it on after trimming the plastic inside the case so that it was shorter than the fabric encasing. I used a clear foot to guide the needle over the slim margin of encasing fabric. Because the dress is lined, there really is no need to sew a lining for comfort reasons as the encasing will never touch your skin (it sits between the dress lining and outside). Make sure to stitch the top and bottom of the boning encasing so that the plastic boning doesn't slip out. Click here for an instructable on making your own boning and adding it to a garment.

Step 4:Sew pockets to the sides of the outer pieces of the dress, right sides together. I placed mine with the tops of the pockets 13 inches from the hem.

Step 5: Sew the front piece to the back piece at the side seams (right sides together). Make sure to include the pockets and not sew them shut! I did, however, go back and sew the bottom two inches of the pockets shut to give the pocket depth and shape. Now is a good time to try on the dress.

Step 6:  Sew the lining front to the lining back at the seams (right sides together, boning on the wrong side). Again, test the fit.

Step 7: Trace the front of the bodice onto fusible interfacing. Cut out a 1/2 inch strip of interfacing that mirrors the bodice top, and attach it below the selvadge onto the bodice top of both the dress and the lining (do not do this for the back). Press the selvage over the interfacing and baste. Press and baste the back necklines.

Step 7: Right sides together, sew the dress to the lining at the hem. Make sure to stretch the lining evenly: Evenly place about 8 pins around the hem of the dress; repeat for the lining. Pin the dress to the lining where the pins match up. Stretch the lining as you sew.

Step 8: Turn the dress right side out so it looks as it would if you were ready to wear it. Make sure the lining is not twisted inside the dress. Sew lining to dress at the neckline along the basted stitches.


  1. This is so adorable I am new to sewing so hopefully one day I will be able to make something like this I <3 it.


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