Foliage Capelet

Pattern: Casting Couch's Hoodie Capelet
Yarn: Berroco Yarn in Foliage
Cost: Gift

A few Christmases ago my aunt gave me some beautiful Berroco Foliage yarn. It has since been discontinued (so no link), so I needed to find a project that was just the right size for the number of skeins I had. I've wanted to try some sort of shrug for a while (like the Crafster Circular Shrug, the Vogue Cabled Bolero, or the Vogue Rose Shoulder Shrug), so I cast on for a few projects, but none of them were small enough. After some internet searches, I stumbled upon the Casting Couch's Hoodie Capelet, which looked perfect. It's got beautiful cables and stitching, and yet it's not too whispy or dainty like a lot of other patterns. It reminds me of being in the forest, like Little Red Riding Hood.

Because my yarn was a smaller gauge than the pattern, I ended up just following the instruction for a size large, and it worked out pretty well, if only a little shorter than the original pattern's measurements. I also substituted the trinity stitch panels for a star stitch only because that was the original pattern I had in mind for this yarn. Overall, the instructions were detailed and clear and amazing! 

I am so happy with the way it turned out. And it only took about 20 episodes of Glee! to complete.

Read the review of this pattern at and check it out at BurdaStyle!

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