Golden Gate Dress

I've decided it's time to make the Karla Spetic SS 2011 Dress a reality. While hers features a giant windmill, I was thinking of a little more local inspiration: the Golden Gate Bridge. I originally thought it would be cool to incorporate a small picture into a design, say, on a pocket, but Madelaine of LookMakeSeeDo encouraged me to think big. And so today, while I was lounging around in my underwear and reading blogs vigurously researching new sewing projects, I decided it was time to check out Madelaine's suggestion and head on over to Spoonflower. For those of you not in the know, the site lets you create and print custom fabric using images of your choosing, and you can even check it out on Project Runway.

To get a print big enough, I did a google search for images of the Golden Gate that were larger than 20MP.  I then saved them to my desktop and uploaded them to Spoonflower. While the image alone was big enough to fill two yards of fabric, I had to keep in mind that I will be using one yard each for the front and back, so I decreased the size and mirrored the the image in order to get one design per yard.

But now that I've played with all the possibilities, the question remains, which image should I choose? I've narrowed it down to two:

This one I like because the image is wide enough that you will most likely not see it mirrored in any way  on the final dress. It's got great colors, too.

This second is less than ideal in termso of the mirroring. It will come out a little more abstract. But I LOVE the photograph with its great color combo and slightly retro feel.

As for the pattern, I'm planning on using a simple and free cap sleeved top to showcase the print.

So, ma peeps, which one do you think I should choose?


  1. Such a cool idea, I can't wait to see how it turns out!

  2. This is a brilliant idea. I'm excited to see the result and how well the spoon flower print comes out.


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