Street Style Refashion

Pattern: McCall's Misses' Lined Dresses #M6319; men's shirt refashion
Fabric: men's XXL t-shirt from Gap
Cost: $6.99

I've been itching to do a men's shirt remake ever since I saw some tutorials online about how to refashion a men's button down. When I was at the store, however, this men's shirt caught my eye. I liked the print, especially because it's hard to get large designs like this on fabric. Best thing was that it was only $6.99.


I let it sit a little while as I figured out what to do with it. I contemplated making a plain dress, as that would be the simplest thing to do, but I never seem to take the easy way out. Finally I was looking for some fabric to make this McCall's pattern when I stumbled upon this shirt again. It was a bit of a risk because I didn't know if I'd have enough fabric, but I decided to try it out.

I like the final product, but the whole process just felt a little "home ec," as Michael Kors would say: I felt more like a street punk refashioning thrift store t-shirts with safety pins than refashioned chic. It didn't help that my serger needle broke and I couldn't quite get the thread tension right on either of my machines. I used whatever extra fabric I could--from the sides, from the sleeves--and tacked it on to the bottom of the dress. But the good part is that it came out long enough (I even unpicked the hems to give myself enough fabric), and I was able to leave the neck opening intact, which makes it look a little more finished. The pattern is very cool, and I will definitely be trying it again next time I find some interesting fabric for it.

With the tag still on it, I'm even tempted to sneak it back into the store as a prank.

Check it out at BurdaStyle and read my review of the McCall's pattern at


  1. Meg: Loved your creative use of our pattern M6319. I would really like to use your photos and link to your blog from my web page. Can you please get in touch with me at

  2. This is sooo cool, I love what you did with that shirt!!
    BTW, I saw this on the McCall's Facebook page.


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