Casual, Magical Dress

Pattern: Self drafted from McCall's Misses' Tops M6164
Fabric: 1 1/2 yard rayon blend knit
Cost: $9

Bought for $6 a yard, I love this dress! It's long enough to make it a little different, shiny enough to dress up, and casually cut for any event. My friend calls it the Harry Potter Dress because of the colors, but I think it's just magical. The best part? It only took about two hours to make.

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  1. It is magical! That's a great stripe, and the simple design really uses it well.

  2. Wow. You made a really good job matching the stripes. Looks great !

  3. too cute!! found your blog through burdastyle btw :)

  4. Hi Meg, Where did you get the fabric and do you know if it's still available? I think this will be perfect for the Harry Potter world trip I'm planning with my girls!

  5. Thanks Karen! It's from Stone Mountain and Daughter in Berkeley ( and I bought it on sale so there's none left :( I'm sure you could find or compile something similar though!

  6. Very cute. The idea that you have used to change the overall look of this dress is truly magical. In just a short time you have given it a different look. Its looks awesome.
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