Design Challenge

When I'm cold and want to slip into something warm and comfortable, my mind always goes to The Umpa Jacket. Originally, the fleece blazer was intended to be a wearable muslin, a goofy homage to my late grandfather the goofy yet traditional man that he was. Not having worn fleece since my mother made my clothes in pre-school, I think I must have forgotten how warm and soft it is--not to mention easy to sew!

After I finish my last wool jacket of the season (pictures of my coat coming soon, and a jacket on the way), I want to play around with fleece. And while fleece is usually used for crew-neck sweaters and North Face jackets, my challenge will be to make work-appropriate, stylish fleece pieces that are a bit more my speed. Let the games begin!

I also want to celebrate: this marks my 200th post!

Have you ever made a stylish fleece piece? As a child, it was definitely my fabric of choice. Let's see if I can bring it into the adult world.


  1. Years ago, I made the Sewing Workshop Teagarden T in fleece, and wore it for the whole winter. Unfortunately, fleece does not last, so the top got discarded.

  2. I use fleece as lining sometimes. In a jersey jacket ( or leggings. I love finding a fleece-backed jersey in a nice print, but most of the time its easier to pair a jersey with a fleece.

    It's great that it doesn't fray, and I really like the deconstructed blazer!


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