New Sewing Palette!

Colette's Spring/Summer Palette Challenge is on, and all those pretty mood boards got me inspired. Rather than sewing for the season, however, I have been focusing a lot on what colors work for me. Living in the Bay Area you can pretty much wear the same clothes all year around, so my aim this year is to sew a functioning wardrobe in colors that flatter.

The Palette:
According to my friends, I'm a strawberry blonde. My hairdresser says my hair is copper. And drunk people usually call me out as a ginger. Whatever my hair color is, I have that pale Irish coloring with a hint of California sunshine. "Fall" colors, if you will. So for the foreseeable future I'm planning my projects loosely around rich jewel tones. The colors in my stash: rust red, mustard yellow, sky blue, and some graphic prints mixed in.

Each day this week I'll post my mood board for each color. Every fabric in my board is already in my stash, so this really helped me solidify my sewing plan. And the best part? In looking at my planned projects and I've got everything from pants to tops to lingerie.

1 comment:

  1. What a clever idea, and I love the colours you chose for your palette. Looking forward to see what you whip up!


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