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In my resolution to stop making dresses, I have been buying a lot of shirt-weight cotton fabrics lately. I have been fortunate enough to find some beautiful options, both from the remnant bins and sale sections. The problem with cotton, however, is I'm having trouble finding patterns that I like. The fabrics don't stretch, so for fitted tops I feel that I either need to make a button-up or a 1950s-style fitted top, neither of which I've been in the mood for. I also find myself attracted to plain shirts in the stores, but prints at the fabric store. Slowly but surely I'm compiling some inspiration.

Overall, I want non-work tops, either for weekend wear or grabbing drinks with friends. Nothing too fancy, and casual enough for work.

So far, my inspiration has been:
Horizontal Pleats: truebias
Horizontal Stripes: loyl8

Collars and cuffs: Jill Stuart

Shoulder cutout: KwikSew

Mixed prints: Ruffles Gazebo
Mixed print details: Mokosha

Rivets: candyjoyce

Bow detail: mimtribe
Collar detail: BurdaStyle

Shoulder pleats: BurdaStyle
Bust pleats: Gigette

Any other ideas?


  1. It is hard to use a cotton if the garment doesn't stretch - that's why I like T-shirts so much :) My suggestion is make an oversized or flared tunic. It's simple, and any print would go

  2. I was in a dress rut not to long ago. So I hear ya there. I think budras ruffle front blouse is awesome. Which you can see here:

    There are so many awesome tops out there.

  3. Thanks Ladies! Rachel, your top looks great! Perfect for work or play! I've been really finicky lately, but I did some sketching this weekend and hopefully I'll have some new tops up soon!


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