Me Made May: Week 1

Eventually, my sewing goal was to fill my closet with things I'd made, so that without even thinking I could wear something I'd sewn almost every day. That's how this week started. Without really thinking, I was three days into the week incorporating some home made elements into every outfit.

I hadn't intended to do Me Made May, mostly because I was intimated by the prospect of having to assemble completely hand made outfits. But after seeing some of the other participants, I have decided to endeavor to wear something I've made almost every single day. Or at least every normal day--I don't intend to bring my home made clothes camping over Labor Day, or to sleep in home made pajamas every night.

So here it goes...
I, Meg, endeavor to incorporate one item of self-made clothing into my outfit for as many days as possible in May 2012.

Here's the roundup for Week 1:
Collared T
Winter Wool Dress
Spring Forward Blouse
Tie Front Blouse
Work Week Drape Drape
Tie Front Blouse #2
The Umpa Jacket

I must admit, it's Week 1 and I'm already cheating: the weekend wear is from the last weekend of April--I didn't quite make it work for this weekend. But so far, lots of wearable goodies! I had a few work events to go to this week so I got to pull out some fun pieces, and I'm really impressed that I've made enough work blouses to fill up the whole week. 


  1. I'm glad you're playing along this month. It's been fun to think about making new outfits work with my handmade items. If you're free on Wednesday, I wanted to let you know that a group of sewing enthusiasts/bloggers are gathering in the city on Wednesday to meet Karen of Didyoumakethat. I hope you can make it! Details:

  2. As long as you are trying to wear something during the month of May, then I give you credit. I love how you showcased your MMM wears too. Very different.


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