Me Made May: Week 2

It's week two of Me Made May, and I'm going strong. Unlike last week, I managed to wear a me-made piece every day, though just barely. Overall, I've found that posting the 'what I wore' for an internet audience has really made me self-conscious about what I'm wearing: compared to last week, when I noticed I wore the same shoes almost every day, I tried to switch up some of my styling. I also made an effort not to stay in the same outfit all weekend, which I could have easily done (but I guess the cat's out of the bag now).

Flighty Birds Blazer
Casual Striped Dress

Summer Sencha

Woven Dress
Circle Skirt Dress

Colors of the Wind Dress
Two Hour Travel Skirt


  1. All of your outfits are super chic! I really love the Color Of The Winds Dress! Like seriously

  2. These pictures are making me want to raid your closet! :-)


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