5 Days of Handmade Christmas: Day 3

Pattern: Kwik Sew's Girls' Coats #K3818 
Fabric: Sweatshirt Knit and Fleece Lining
Cost:  $25

I am beyond excited to show you this coat, made for my little 10-year-old friend Taylor (manfriend's baby sister). 

Without any babies on my side of the family, it has been truly fun to finally sew some kids things. I'm always super inspired by the likes of Cirque du Bebe and Groovybaby... and Mama, and now I finally got to do some kids sewing of my own. With all the fun color options and the petite details, this was so much fun.


I wanted to make the coat super comfy, washable, and kid friendly, so it is sewn out of sweatshirt material and flannel. Kids grow quick, so nothing too expensive. It isn't lined, so it was super fast to make up, and the sweatshirt material makes for such a soft inside. 

I also personalized it with handmade tags, done on my mom's Bernina, which has some decorative embroidery functionality. It says "TaylorMade" for the top, and has my own little "MadeByMeg" tucked into the side seam. 

"TaylorMade" Tag
"MadeByMeg" Tag
The pattern itself was super quick to make up because there's no lining or crazy tricks. The whole thing, plus Day 4's gift, only took 2 days. What I like most about the pattern though are the little details, from the contrasting hood lining to the belt in the back. I am disappointed to say, though, that my button holer totally ate my fabric, so the button holes look like crap. I cleaned them up with a little fray-check, but they are less than stellar. 

Front Buttons
Back Belt Buttons
Another one of my favorite details is the pocket welt, complete with contrasting pocket lining. I will definitely be using this technique again--so easy!

Inside Pocket

Day Four is a matching gift for this little girl--can't wait to show you!

You can read my review of this pattern at PatternReview.com.


  1. So amazing. I am in the middle of making this for my DGD. Yours is adorable. I decided to add lining so it's taking me a bit longer. It is such a cute design, isn't it?

  2. awwww, that's so cute! I love the mismatched buttons!


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