5 Days of Handmade Christmas: Day 4

Pattern: How Joyful's Teddy Bear (free pattern!)
Fabric: Sweatshirt Knit and Fleece (remnants)
Cost: free (remnants)

As much as I enjoyed making Taylor's coat, I fully acknowledge that most kids don't ask Santa for clothes for Christmas. To accompany the too-cute-for words garment, I made up a mini teddy bear out of the coat remnants. I think it is a adorable, and a perfect companion for her new outfit. 

This pattern comes from How Joyful's Teddy Bear Pattern, one of the few free bear patterns on the internet that came  with pictures, some instructions, and didn't require leg or arm joints.

She does warn on her pattern that this is not for beginners, and includes some directions. I thought the pattern pieces were great, with lots of numbered and lettered points for matching edges. The instructions included pictures, which I love, but were also a bit confusing, with the written instructions often conflicting with what the captions next to the pictures instruct you to do. Nevertheless, I would say this is definitely one of the best free bear patterns on the internet, and it was so nice of her to throw them up there for us!

Check out the cute little tail!

To make a smaller version, I printed four pattern pieces to a page. Here's the bear with a spool of thread for size reference. It still came out a bit bigger than I thought, but I think any smaller would have been nearly impossible to sew. 

Christmas sewing has nearly killed me, but I'm so please with how it is all turning out!

You can read my review of this pattern at PatternReview.com.

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  1. Very cute. I love your fabric choices, I bet it is so soft and cuddly!

    I made a few softies for christmas too. I think theyre a great gift for little ones, especially as clothes might not be to everyones taste.


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