Sewing Space: Friendly Kisses

Perhaps I get a little obsessive about my hobbies, but it wasn't until I had a friend over in my early stages of decorating that she commented that I had no pictures of my friends up. Oops!

In honor of Love Day today, I wanted to show you my alternative to the tried and true photo collage. Inspired by this Pinterest post, I decided to put up some friendly kisses instead. Since college, I rarely get to see one of my core groups of friends all together, so I plan on mailing out some return envelopes to get their smooches all in one place. For now, this is just a prototype made by the pucker of yours truly. I think the final version would look nice alongside their signatures, done in black.

It's not a traditional way to show how much  you love your friends, but definitely a unique one. I'm curious to hear if anyone else has a unique way of incorporating their friends or family into their decor.


  1. oh thats so cute! I nominated you for the liebster award! I think i found that someone else had nominated you...but from what i could find was there a post?

    Ruffles x

  2. This would be really cute for sisters or bridesmaids etc. Or drag queens! Can you imagine the lipstick colors of drag queens?!

  3. that would be fabulous! maybe my bf can use that for his documentary...


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