Sewing Space: Storage

The biggest sewing-related organization challenge for most of us, of course, is storage. For me, it was important to store all (or at least most) of my sewing stuff in my sewing area, and not let it overflow into the rest of my space (and the rest of my life!). I borrowed Sarai's ever-popular Ikea rail system idea, and have not looked back. These handy bins store all my scissors, small tools, pens and pencils, all in a super reachable space. Along with the drawers on my sewing table (which is actually a second-hand Pier 1 console table), these bins store all my paper and writing implements as well as my craft supplies. Even the printer is tucked underneath!

That white cabinet you see at the left of my desk stores the rest of my sewing notions, including clear storage boxes with notions; shelves for patterns, remnants, and interfacings; and a space on top for sewing books. The baskets under the table store my mending and unfinished project, which I hope to eliminate by the end of this year. My actual fabric stash, which I don't really need access to, sits on a wide shelf in my closet (I don't have that much fabric, right?!).

In keeping with the 'everyday objects as art' theme, I also bought a small wall-mounted spool holder for good measure, and this holds mostly bobbins and some thread from current projects where I can easily reach them. The rest are stored in the cabinet.

So far so a good for an organized 2013!


  1. slowly but surely, it's looking great. It's practical, neat, but still stylish.

  2. Nice :) looks very organised and cute :)


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