Bra Quest 2013: The Patterns

The Bra Quest continues! As you remember, my plan is to sew my way through four bras to find the perfect one:

   - A vintage bra
   - A copy of a RTW bra
   - A bra pattern from the Big 4
   - A bra pattern from a smaller pattern company
   - And (hopefully) my dream bra using whatever works best from the previous four!

Now that I've scoped out the bras I like in RTW and found my true size, I combed the internets for the right patterns to sew up. For at least my first bra, I knew I wanted one thing in particular: vertically seamed cups. For a small girl like me, I feel that they do the best job of holding them up vertically rather than spreading them out horizontally. Other than that, I have really appreciated your recommendations for good bra patterns. 

Here are the ones I'll be sewing up:

#1 The Vintage: Mrs Depew's 1940s French Bra #2014

#2 The RTW Bra: Copying my Target Gilligan Bra (and other random bras around the house)

#3 The Big 4 Bra: Kwik Sew's Bra #3300

#4 Indie Bra: Pin-Up Girls' Classic Full-Band Bra #1200

I chose these bras based on their look, online recommendations, and range of options such a bands, lace etc. I might also try the Elan Bra #511 (at your recommendation!), but it has some of the features in the bras above so I'm going to stick with the above ones for now. Ok, I'm off to get started on #1! Wish me luck!


  1. These all look great! Surely you'll find a good fit, or at least a good place to start, with one of them.

  2. I haven't ventured into bra making yet. I'll definitely be checking back in to see how you get on. It's a challenge I will try to take on myself some day


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