Homemade Table Linens + Tutorial

Pattern: tutorial below!
Fabric: 1 yd linen for six napkins, 3 yds for tablecloth
Cost: $60

Summer's here, we're all moved in (pretty much), and it's time to celebrate! At our place we hosted three dinner parties in five days, and by the final one I had managed to complete a set of table linens, including napkins and a table cloth. 

As I've said before, I can be pretty terrible at the small, detail-oriented sewing projects, but with six napkins to make I got a lot of practice. If you're interested in making your own or just playing around with a rolled hem foot, this is a good project!

1 yd of material for the napkins, cut in six 18" x 18" squares
rolled hem foot (I used the 4mm one)
sewing gauge

Preparing the Napkin
This project is all about the prep!

1. Measure a 3/4" stitch guide. I find it easiest to sew a rolled hem in a straight line if I mark down a seam guide in chalk first. I marked my line 3/4" to 1" from the edge around all four sides of the napkins.

2. Press in the corner. The tip of the corner should touch the chalk line. 

3. Trim the corner. Trim about half of the corner off. This will keep the raw edge of the corner from poking out when you press the edges in.

4. Press the edge under twice at each corner. While the rolled hem foot does most of the job, it is necessary to press the hem under twice at each corner in order to give your rolled hem foot a starting place. The hems should form nice little corners where you prepped them. It may take some practice to get your proportions right, but the hem width should match the width specified by your rolled hem foot. 

Sewing the Napkin
Sew, sew, sew!

1. Start at the corner. Place a corner of the napkin under the rolled hem foot, and sew a backstitch on top of the pressed hem.

2. Feed the edge of the fabric into the rolled hem foot. As you begin to sew forward, feed the edge of the fabric into the spiral of the foot. Continue stitching forward, following the stitching line and making sure the fabric is rolling under the foot correctly.

3. Sew the first side of the napkin. You should be leaving a beautiful rolled hem in your wake!

4. As you get to the next corner, take the fabric out of the rolled hem foot. Stitch over the pressed hem as you did at the beginning, sewing on top of the hem. Pivot at the corner, and repeat.

You can repeat the same process to make a tablecloth, as well!

In all, a bit of a tedious process, but a good refresher for me on how to use my rolled hem foot. Plus, the real joy of this project is being able to have a real grown-up table set. Now, I'm off to apologize to the neighbors for making so much noise on a Monday night and wash out the wine stains!

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