Sparkly Party Dress

Pattern: BurdaStyle's Sleeveless dress with drawstring detail #142
Fabric: 1 1/2 yd sparkly knit
Cost: $15

My friend had mentioned that she was having trouble finding the right dress, and because we were meeting up in Vegas I decided to try to make her one! Unfortunately, my version wasn't quite right either. 

She is high-waisted and the dress was a little short, so I took her actual measurements and headed home with a new plan. She is coming into town tonight, so I finished this up just in time. Hope it fits!

The pattern is a BurdaStyle, but it did require some significant modifications. First, they ask you to gather, which seemed like a very odd thing for a stretch fabric because a straight-stitch gather would pop as soon as you stretch the dress over your head. I originally gathered with elastic, but in the second version I left it off entirely because I needed to size the dress down a bit anyway.

Once you get the pattern right, it actually comes together in under 2 hours, and could be made in a more casual fabric for every-day wear. I hope she likes it!

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  1. Very nice dress, hope your friend likes it!


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