Pillow Cases

Pattern: none
Fabric:  1/2 yard canvas
Cost: $6

In the apartment decorating saga that has been my life the last couple of months, I finally took some time this past week to make up some pillow cases. I had bought this great striped canvas that ended up being too thick for a dress lining but perfect for home decor, and just needed to sew them up!

I got to do some stripes matching and a lapped zipper, and other that that it was a fairly basic project. Nevertheless, I'm happy to check it off my list!

I only had a 1/2 yard for two pillow cases, but I got creative with my cutting, found some spare zippers in my stash, and lazily sewed them up over a couple of evenings and some episodes of the United States of Tara, my current guilty pleasure TV show. 

I'm also excited because, between the pillows, jeans pockets and baby clothes, I've been busting through my scraps. I'm also slowly working on whittling down my stash, but unfortunately I keep buying more fabric. Time to get sewing!

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