Christmas Gift Wrapping

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Just popping in for a second to show off my gift-wrapping skills ;) I usually don't plan ahead enough to get super cutsey, but this year when I brought back my family some little souvenirs from Spain, I decided to wrap them up in maps and brochures we had saved from the trip. Thematic and recycled! 

There have been a lot of great gift-wrap ideas floating around the net, and you can check out some more cute map-themed ideas on a pair & a spare's post.

The gifts themselves contain some items we picked up at a Christmas craft fair held in Casa Batlló, one of Antoni Gaudí's famous architectural works in Barcelona. They contain some meats and cheese (for my brother), a handmade shirt with a bull print (for my mom), and a Picasso print (for my dad, picked up at the Picasso museum). Plus, K got me a beautiful handmade purse there!! In such a modern, globalized world, I was really happy to be able to find some local crafts from fellow artists halfway around the world from my home!

May your day be merry and bright! Happy holidays everyone!

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