Ornament Exchange - The Goods!

my mini dose of holiday cheer...
When I signed up for Kelli of True Bias's ornament exchange, I knew it would be a fun way to be sewcial, but I also realized it's a great way to start my very first ornament collection. Having moved in to my first real place with K this year, it might just be time to set up a few Christmas things of my own. Of course, I'm spending the actual Holidays with my parents, their Christmas tree, and all the bells and whistles, but it was nice to have a little something Christmas-y at ye ol' condo (even if we are currently undergoing some repairs/construction and the place is a mess!).

So, it goes without saying that I couldn't be any more grateful that my first ornaments were handmade by beautiful and talented sewing women from all around the country. I was blown away by the craftsmanship, care, and creativity that was put in to each ornament that I received. Even without a tree (or even a branch), they brightened up my little place all on their own. To see for yourself, here is a peak at the ornaments I received:

Jessica was the first to send out her ornaments, and made these adorable Christmas stockings. The hand stitching was so cute:

Next I received an ornament from Alison, a handcrafter of "trinkets, toys and treasures" who blogs at Acorn Cottage. I was blown away by her craftsmanship! I guess she's used to working with tiny things:

Erin, a fellow Bay Area sewist who blogs at Seamstress Erin, sent over this clever little tree. You can read her tutorial for how to make one here. It's made from pom pom and a cork:

Kathy, the girly sewist and photographer at The Nerdy Seamstress, made these cute little sewing machines. Look at those little buttons! My favorite part is the real thread that runs down where the needle and thread go:

Just a few days before I left for vacation, I received this precious dove from Molly, who sews for herself and dolls (cool!) on Toferet's Empty Bobbin

Plus, I have a feeling I have one more waiting for me in the mailbox from Rian, Kelli's sister who sews and blogs about her life at Trachties.

Thank you so much to all the ladies who took the time to make up these beautiful ornaments. They really brightened up my home, which otherwise is in a sad state of construction and dust right now! I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!


  1. The ornament exchange was so fun, loved yours too!

  2. I really enjoyed being part of the exchange myself this year. You got some really adorable ones! The stocking!!


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