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BurdaStyle Women's Rain Cape and Bike Seat Cover

The first rains of the year have finally hit California. And while I am grateful for a few drops of water on our thirsty state, showing up soaking wet to work is never cause for joy.

Lucky for me, BurdaStyle just released some new rain-friendly patterns to make my bike to work a little more enticing. First up is the Women's Rain Cape, which has lots of room for breath-ability, and also a great hood. And to go with it is a great little Bike Seat Cover! After drafting my own once, it's so great to have a simple little pattern for it.

Of course, I may make some alterations to make the Rain Cape more bike-friendly. I'm thinking mine needs to be a bit longer to cover my knees, maybe with some snaps to hold it closed. More like this:

via Reroys

Some other designs I really like include:

  • Leena.com's Rain Cape, although the pattern seems to come from a defunct program so it is no longer available.
  • Iva Jean's Women'a Rain Cape, made in Seattle specifically for bikers!
  • The Cleverhood, also made for bikers, but I don't want to draft my own pattern. 
This style, although popular on the 'net, doesn't look that safe at all!

For whatever I sew, I will also be keeping Caroline's guest post on Sewaholic handy - she made the most beautiful waterproof jacket!


  1. Good luck with your cape! I finished making myself a waterproof winter jacket not long ago and sewing with outdoor fabrics wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Having the right needle for your fabric is definitely important, though.

    1. You did such a good job on your jacket! Glad to hear the process went well, too :)

  2. Rain capes rock, although for really keeping dry, spats for your shoes and legs are good. The Korean capes look fine to me. They need to be loose to allow both movement and air circulation.
    Campmor has always has them in their catalog; Burley, the bike trailer people, used to have a really nice one, and the waxed cotton jobs from Carradice are the bomb.

  3. A raincoat and a cape in one!? Clever design. Good luck!

  4. I love the idea of a raincape! Thanks for the inspiration.


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