Stella Blouse

Pattern: Bluegingerdoll's Stella Blouse
Fabric: cotton silk
Cost: $20

Lately I've been pretty obsessed with finding the perfect work top. Lucky for me, the new Bluegingerdoll Stella Blouse has just about everything I've been looking for - 3/4 length sleeves, sleek design, and cute details. When Abby offered to send it over for me to try out, I jumped at the chance!

If you haven't checked out Bluegingerdoll patterns yet, you totally should! Abby's designs combine the look of vintage with a modern style and fit that just works for me in a way that true vintage patterns don't. And this top is totally channeling that 60s mod look.

My favorite part of the top is definitely the buttons tabs. It's such a fun way to dress up a top for the office without going too frilly or overboard. Both Abby and Heather have made up cute versions with contrasting tabs, but I kept mine simple with just contrasting wooden buttons. It's a detail you sometimes see on skirts or pants, but I really like it on a top.

To make this blouse, I followed the Stella Sew-along and, would you believe it, but it was my first sew-along ever! Unfortunately, a nasty cold and some general busy-ness kept me from following along in real time, but I referred back to all of the posts as I made it up. The biggest accomplishment for me was completing my first small bust adjustment using Heather's great instructions.

As with most Bluegingerdoll patterns, I found that the fit is very important to get right. I cut the pattern size using my hip measurements, which are bigger than my bust measurements, and then did a SBA to better fit my frame. Even with Heather's instructions I had to redraw the bust dart and the height of the waist dart after cutting my fabric, but I'm sure I'll get it right in time. The only other problem I had was with the sleeves, which were a bit tight for me and had to be re-sewn using a smaller seam allowance. If you're a newer sewer or looking for that tighter fit, a cotton with a slight stretch might be the ticket!

Overall, however, I'm very impressed with this pattern, as it is my most comfortable woven top to date. I have enough room across the back and under the arms, which for me are very important for comfort! Plus, I already got a compliment at work on my first day wearing it. :)

If you're a fan of Bluegingerdoll and live in the Bay Area, I heard we may be featuring one of her patterns in a Bay Area Sewists giveaway soon!


  1. This is such a cute top on you. I am heading over to check out their patterns now.

  2. Lovely top! The fit looks awesome - I'm too scared to try bust adjustments, so I just keep pretending things fit me when I don't. It's total denial, but I'll get there eventually. I hope.

    1. You know, I was the same why! But it's really not that bad when you follow the tutorial!

  3. So cute! Love the color of the fabric and POCKETS!

  4. It's such a cute top and the pocket tabs and the buttons make it even cuter!

  5. Lovely - it looks like a great work top, and it's always a good sign when you get a compliment as soon as you wear it!

  6. Wow! This looks great! And congrats on your first sew-along! I would've sworn you would've hosted one by now! :)

  7. This is a lovely blouse on you - it looks so much more flattering on you than on the company model. :-)


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