Meg Made May Week 1

Friday 5/2: floral archer with black jeans and boat shoes
Saturday 5/3: striped drape drape dress with jean shirt and boat shoes
Sunday 5/4: ikat shirt and bikini (both unblogged) with jean shorts, hat and green sandals
Monday 5/5: loose ruffled top with jean shorts and green sandals, second outfit: ikat dress (not blogged, not pictured) with belt and green sandals
Tuesday 5/6: striped fave top with black pants and black shoes, yellow necklace, black shoes

Thursday 5/1: red silk top with grey jeans and red shoes
Wednesday 5/7: camel pants with striped black and white sweater and black shoes
Thursday 5/8: work trousers with green and white striped shirt, grey sweater, and pink loafers
Friday 5/9: fave top with jeans and black shoes

Whew! Week 1 of Me Made May 2014 was a lot more vacation than work! Of course, this posed a special challenge - when you try to sew everyday clothes, you might not have those special occasion, warm-wear vacation clothes. Luckily for me, a lot of my recent makes, along with an old favorite, fit the bill just fine. I hope to blog about a piece made just for this trip - a bikini! - soon.

So far, wearing me-mades has been mostly natural, and not too stressful, even on vacation. I'm also noticing that a lot of my recent makes are getting a lot of use. We'll see how this changes as the month goes on.


  1. A nice collection of outfits, Meg! I especially like your striped Drape Drape dress and it's really nice with that casual jacket. Can you drop me an email? When I changed jobs, I lost your email address!

  2. Great collection! I've been having a lot of fun doing Me Made May this year. :)


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