Pants Fitting Help

It's an established fact that I don't pay nearly as much attention to the back of my appearance as to the front. Mr. Made likes to point out the back of my head, which frequently goes unbrushed. Gross, I know. 

Clothes have proved no exception. My last pair of pants fit great in front, but were a bit lacking in the rear. There was a bit of discussion on this last week, so this week I'm taking my hands out of my pockets and showing it like it is. And it's pretty saggy.

I know that non-stretch pants do require some extra fabric for movement, but I think this goes a bit beyond that. My next pair will also be made out of fabric with a slight stretch, so ease is less of a concern.

So what do you guys think? Swayfront? Large outer thighs? Clown butt? Other ridiculous name for how my body is shaped? Or do I just let sleeping dogs lie?


  1. Have you taken a look at the Colette pants fitting cheat sheet? It's basically my oracle for pants fitting, and they have a few ideas for under-bum wrinkles.

  2. The back crotch curve is the wrong shape, you need to make it more 'L' shaped. Once you do that, you will be able to take a look at whether the crotch extension is right.

  3. When I made my Thurlows I had major wrinkles similar to yours. Here is my blog post on how I fixed mine...
    Hope it helps!


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