Kimono-Sleeve Woven Top

Pattern: New Look 6217 Kimono Tee
Fabric: 3/4 yard cotton woven
Cost: $5

I have gone through soo many stages of woven tops. When I first sewed with quilting cotton, I thought, "This is it! I'm only ever sewing with quilting cotton!" Then a year or so later I realized how stiff it was, and any top I made totally lost its drape. Mine were all too tight across the back, and I switched to knits and more forgiving fabrics. But then the Scout tee came out, and it was suddenly possible to make woven tops again. And now I'm back on the bandwagon.

This is a fabric I had picked up in the remnant bin when I was in the swing of the former stage, and it has sat in my stash for over a year because I feared it would be too stiff to make into a top. But then, with two hours before my trip to Austin and some time to kill, I pulled it out and cut myself a kimono sleeve top for the trip.

The fabric actually washed beautifully, and is much more soft than I originally thought. It is not a quilting cotton, but a bit thicker with a looser weave. And I love the ikat pattern, which is subtle but still interesting. 

Because I only had 3/4 yard, I cut as much of a kimono sleeve as I could and then attached a band to add some length to the sleeves. It has become my easy summer shirt, and I've been wearing it pretty much every week since!

In the debate of "slow" sewing vs. "fast," I have to say I love me some quick, precise little projects!


  1. What beautiful fabric! I'm glad it turned out to be a bit softer than you first thought!

  2. Great little top! and these photos are awesome! JAZZZZ :)

  3. Lovely! I'm a big fan of kimono-style sleeves these days, and now I might just have to get this pattern!

  4. Very cute little summer top! I could use a bunch of these myself!


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