Serendipitous Hudson Pants

Pattern: True Bias's Hudson Pant
Fabric: medium-weight jersey
Cost: $10

If you've been following along, you know that I lurve me some pants. And Kelli must have noticed, too, because she sent me her brand new Hudson Pant pattern to test out. What she didn't know is that I had actually been wanting to make myself some lounge pants, and even had the fabric all bought and washed and ready to go!

This is a fun new pattern that's more glam than sweatpants yet way more comfy than trying to relax in your favorite jeans. They have replaced my worn-out leggings, and I actually like the looser fit around the hips because I don't feel like I'm in my underwear if my neighbor pops over for a drink or I need to run out to get the mail. Of course, I've glammed them up a bit for you here, but in truth I have worn these as my 'home outfit' pretty much every night since I've made them up two weeks ago (yes, I'm wearing them now; no, you can't have a picture.).

I went with black for mine because it goes with everything, but I have seriously been drooling over some of the other, more creative versions that have been popping up online.

This is a relatively quick and easy pattern, but does include some fun details that would look great color-blocked and give some added interest. Here's a shot of the elasticized waistband and the pocket detail:

The other thing that's great about this pattern is that, as a knit pattern, you don't run in to many of the fitting issues that you might encounter making woven pants. I cut a straight size six and had absolutely no problem. The funny part is I don't even have any of the "saggy butt" issues I've complained about in my last couple of pairs. For this reason, I would say this is a great pattern to try out if you want to dip your toe into pants-making: it follows many of the same steps as making a pair of jeans - from pockets to the order of construction - but is much more forgiving in terms of fit. Kelli's instructions are clear and easy to follow, and include great illustrations.

Hooray for a new indie pattern that is just my style, and congrats to Kelli on her first pattern!


  1. These are such great lounge pants, it's no wonder you've worn them a ton already!

  2. I need a simple black pair like this, these are perfect! Great fit on you!! I was a pattern tester for these (yet to be blogged) and I was *really* pleasantly surprised with the fit... and the directions were so well done.

    1. Yes! Initially I thought the waist was going to be waaay too big, but that was before I applied the waistband and it all came together.

  3. Nice looking pants! I can see why you find them very wearable.

  4. thanks so much for being such an awesome tester, for all of your imput, and for this post. so glad that you liked the pants!

  5. They look great! I love how you styled them with that lace tee!

  6. These look great! I'm working on a pair of my own right now. :)


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