Wedding Season Inspiration

Wedding season is coming up, and I appear to have reached that stage in life where everyone is getting married. Luckily, this gives me an excuse to play dress up and make some of those fun pretty dresses that I never seem to have an excuse to sew/wear. I browsed through my Pinterest files and came up with these picks for four upcoming nuptials, (from left to right, top to bottom):

1. Storybook wedding:  I have been obsessed with the idea of a storybook dress ever since I saw this promo pic with Ryan Gosling and co-star Faith Wladyka. A few days ago, Sara Lawson posted an adult version, which I think would be perfect for my fun and funky friend's wedding (pictured here in a band with Mr. Made). Alternately, I've been shopping around for some sort of fun graphic print. Keep your eye out!

2. Alaska romance: I love florals on a dark background, and what better to wear to a wedding in Alaska than this moody, floral inspiration! I think I can feel both dressed up and at one with nature in dress like this.

3. Fun and playful: After Jessica and Robert's wedding in Alaska, Robert's twin brother Jeffrey will be getting married in Tahoe. The bride, my friend Jen, has a style that is funky and punk and romantic all at the same time, giving me the perfect opportunity to sew up this playful dress. I have been wanting to make it for a while, and have already purchased the fabric and dye.

4. Vegas wedding: Finally, in September my cousin will be getting married in Las Vegas. She has asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding so I may not get to choose my dress, but maybe she will be one of those brides who sends you off with a color swatch and let's you choose your own. If that's the case, I'm definitely going to try my hand at making a bustier dress with my TNT bra pattern, inspired by Mahaila.

A note about colors: I'm sure the astute among you have already noticed that two of these dresses prominently feature the color white. I understand that this is can be a big no-no at a wedding, so I'm already brainstorming ways to make these my own. I am planning on dying the third dress a light yellow with a darker yellow accent, similar to this inspiration pic. For the storybook dress, the colors may be fine as-is because it is more of a print, but perhaps I could stain the background with tea to be a bit more off white. At least they don't feature lace! Any thoughts out there from brides or brides-to-be on the subject of wearing white at a wedding? 

A note about shape: I really love fit and flare dresses for these types of events - easy to wear, flattering, and very romantic. I could also see having a number of these dresses in my closet for later events; they're dressy, but also fun and casual enough for a dinner out or an artsy party. I have one princess seamed bodice pattern that may or may not fit, but are there any other fit and flare patterns that you are loving?


  1. I love them, especially the black floral and the white below! I wouldn't have cared a bit if someone wore white to my wedding, but I just told my bridesmaids to wear whatever they want so I may not be a good reference... I do have a white dress with a big black floral design on it and I keep thinking about wearing it to weddings but then remember the taboo. I don't think its worth the chance of offending anyone!

  2. How about combining the 1st and 3rd dresses, text and ink. Imagine shakespeare's writing with a faulty quill and leaky ink?

  3. I love that you are matching your dresses to your brides' personalities! So fun!

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