Weekend Chores

Like most sewists, I don't usually accept requests to hem curtains, make couch covers, or shorten pants. Who has the time when there are pretty things to sew? But when said request is accompanied by a note like this, it's hard to say no. It came by way of Mr. Made and his office mates who, as freelancers, recently set up their own office in a warehouse type space in Oakland. Being creative types, they of course write adorable notes on how much to shorten curtains.

Because I have been want to use their space on occasion (this coat was shot there), I agreed to help. And Mr Made became my assistant, doing all of the cutting and pinning, which really is the bulk of the work. For him, the chore really drove home the droll of the task. Up to this point he had understood why I don't usually do hemming requests, but after Saturday he UNDERSTOOD why. As he worked, I heard mutterings such as These pins are deadly, and This is a stupid hobby

We plowed through eight (eight!) curtains in the course of an afternoon. What was that, like 2 1/2 hours to just hem curtains? he asked. Hemming makes him grumpy, too. But at least cartoon notes make me happy!

Happy Friday everyone! May your weekend be filled only with the fun chores. 


  1. Yes! The sewing is the easy part, it's the prep that's drudgery! The request note is pretty cute though. :)

  2. So true! As soon as people found out I was learning to pattern cut and sew, all they heard was "free alteration service for any of my old crappy clothes that I've grown out of and should have binned years ago".
    I had to shut that down pretty quick, and applaud you for getting Mr made involved in the pain! Alterations are so boring!!!

  3. Ugh, I feel you. I'm can't sew anything for me this weekend as I have two unselfish jobs to do first. Meh.

  4. Haha, it's so much better with a helper, though, especially when that helper realizes what a pain a "simple" request is! I made my husband help out sewing his own work pants, same deal.

  5. It is good when people can see how long it takes to do things! I had a big alteration project this morning, and tried to warn the woman I was doing it for that it would take ages. About two hours in she was like, "Ohhh... now I see why you said this was a big project". I think everyone assumes it takes 2 minutes to sew stuff!


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