A Summer Tee is Born

Pattern: Marilla Walker's Maya Top
Fabric: gauze-y knit
Cost: free from Bay Area Sewists pattern swap

On a week night when I am tired of working, I set my computer aside and pull out my fabric. No wool or complicated patterns tonight. I reach for a crinkly knit gauze that will be easy to sew, and a trusted pattern for a boxy tee. I don't have enough fabric, so I shift it around on the living room floor, and finally just reach for my scissors and start cutting. This is the type of garment you sew as you go. I move to my machine without a plan for seam finishes or detailing. I sew each seam, try on and continue, letting the fabric decide what it wants to be. I press and hack and mould, and after two hours of sewing a new wardrobe piece is formed. I slip it on again and imagine it with jeans and some bright shoes as the weather warms up. There is nothing like sewing to brighten my mood and ease the tensions of a long day.


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