Pull-On Pants

Pattern: self-drafted
Fabric: sturdy stretch knit
Cost: $10

It's getting close to school finals week over here, and stress is high. So I wanted to share with you a project I made a while back that is coming in especially handy now. I made pajama pants with an elastic waist. And then I wore them to work. And it was amazing.

When the Style Arc Barb Stretch Pants made Pattern Review's list of top-voted pants patterns this year, I began to think about making some "pull-on" pants in a big way. However, my pattern-buying piggy bank is empty, so I forwent the overseas pattern purchase and decided to try using a pattern I already owned. I guess it pays to be stubborn! Using literally the same pattern I have used for my pajama leggings (self drafted by way of tracing some RTW), I gave myself a bit more ease, pin-fitted them, and within one afternoon before class I was wearing my new pants. Why have I ever tried to make pants any other way?

Made in some sort of thick herringbone knit, the fabric ended up being the perfect weight for these pants. They are soft and slightly stretchy, and perfect for the end of winter days we are having (or any day, really, in San Francisco). And better yet, I have finally filled a long-term fantasy of copying these pants from Pinterest. Pinterest success!

Like I imagine the Barb Pants to be, these are without zippers or closures. The top band has enclosed elastic to help keep everything snug, and made fitting so easy. I usually struggle with excess fabric at the waist after all that fabric needed for my bum, but with an elastic waist I was able to just stretch it over all that extra fabric. The result lays flat when you're wearing them and looks really clean.

It looks like I do still have a bit of an issue in the back - my butt tends to "eat" fabric back there. I think I need to add some more to the back crotch curve.

That's about all I have to say about this simple project, but if I can get my hands on some more fabric like this you will definitely be seeing some more of these! I also want to try that mysterious bengaline...


  1. Cute pants!! Did you know, though, that you can get a PDF Barb pattern for free if you sign up for the Style Arc newsletter? See here: http://www.stylearc.com/threads-promo/

    1. You know, I just discovered that last night! They are sitting in my inbox now! Also saw on IG that they're having a 25% off sale on etsy with the code mothersday25, so I got myself the misty pull-on jeans too :)
      Thanks for the tip!

  2. I LOVE secret pajamas! These definitely don't look like PJs. I love the outfit. Good luck making it to the end of the semester!

  3. May I bother you to ask if there is a pattern for that awesome blouse you are wearing and what it is?! What a great outfit!

    1. I hope to blog about the shirt soon, but it is self drafted. It is however inspired by this woven shirt pattern from SBCC:


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