Me Made May Week 2

This week's Me Made May includes one very special non-me-made piece of clothing: my graduation robe! The robe itself was a horrible, hot, poorly sewn polyester thing that I borrowed from the school. No way was I going to pay $80 for THAT. But it symbolized the end of my two-year Master's degree in Public Policy from Mills College, and it was a very proud, very joyous day. The graduation itself was also one of the best I've ever attended. The speakers were phenomenal and included local elected official Lateefah Simon as well as 95-year old Betty Reid Soskin, a life-long fighter for social justice and the nation's oldest park ranger and an award recipient from President Obama. There was also confetti, mariachis, and my amazing friends and family. I am so thankful for all of the support I have received over the last few years!

And here's what I wore the rest of the time:

Hudson pajamas (to be blogged soon!) and tee
Lazo trousers with second-hand white tee and scarf
striped turtleneck, black pants (twice! lol)
Freemantle coat with second-hand striped tee and leggings
pink lace dress (made over six years ago!)
black Ginger Jeans and Tessuti Fave Top


  1. Congratulations!! I know you've worked so hard--it's time to celebrate!

  2. congratulations and I know you did grad school in style with your great handmade wardrobe!!

  3. Congratulations! It sounds like a wonderful, interesting day.


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