More Hudson Pants

Pattern: True Bias's Hudson Pants
Fabric: French terry
Cost: $8

 It's no secret that I love the Hudson Pants pattern. I have made myself a pair, made the men's version, and even made a chambray version. If I had kids I'd have probably made them a pair.
At this rate, I've made one a year since they came out in 2014.

As pajamas, I wore my original pair regularly. Nightly. After more than two years the fabric was starting to run bare, so I decided I needed to replace them. I don't love having to remake something when I've already made a perfectly good one, but luckily this patterns is so fast and has just enough fun details to make it interesting.

The French terry I used had less stretch than my last version, which was more of a jersey knit. I was surprised that they fit a bit more snug, but I think now they look more similar to other versions I've seen online. They also loosen up after a couple of wears. 

They have already become a fast favorite. In the six months since I've made them, they've been with me to the desert, to Christmas, and countless study sessions on my couch. They are the perfect pajamas!


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