Me Made May Weeks 3 and 4

The end of this month was spent packing up my clothes to go to Europe! While a few things have made it into my bag for the three-month trip, it's absolutely amazing to me how many clothes I actually have. There were boxes and boxes packed away for storage, and that's after a ruthless purge and a trip to the Goodwill. It's interesting to go through your closet and think, "Would I buy/make this today?" Unfortunately, for many of those items the answer would be no. Maybe the style has changed, maybe it wasn't right to begin with, or maybe I've just grown bored of it. It will be interesting to see if I get sick of my favorite clothes that I packed for the trip, and how many of those that I didn't pack I will miss. It definitely makes you think about your closet, what you really need, and what you can live without.

Because a lot of this month was spent at home, my outfits aren't the most imaginative. Also, I want to say I didn't actually wear the same gray RTW t-shirt a zillion times, but I forgot what boring stay-at-home shirts I did wear and didn't want to Photoshop anything new.

At the end of the month though, I went to Vegas! I did do some sewing for that, and will share my new swimsuit soon :) It's been a busy month, but well worth it!

Monday: Hudson pajamas and RTW tee
Tuesday: striped sweater and RTW tights
Wednesday: Mandy Boat tee and second-hand jeans
Thursday: second-hand jeans and RTW tee, plus me-made red bralette
Friday: second-hand dress and lace bralette
Saturday: black dress
Sunday: second-hand crop top and RTW skirt

Monday: RTW tee with RTW tights
Tuesday: white ruffle top and black Ginger jeans
Wednesday: Hudson pants and RTW tee
Thursday: turtleneck and black pants
Friday: turtleneck and black pants
Saturday: high-wasted bathing suit, homemade bathrobe, plus Tania culottes
Sunday: bathing suit

Monday: cutout dress paired with Tania culottes
Tuesday: striped sweater and RTW tights
Wednesday: RTW shirt and black pants


  1. I've really enjoyed following along with your me Made May, well with everyone's! I've been very lax at taking photos this month but still enjoyed taking part. That's exciting you're going away for so long! Any plans to come to London?!

    1. Thanks Kathryn! Unfortunately we won't be making it to the UK. We're traveling with the pup and didn't want to go through the paperwork. Maybe on another trip though!


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