Button-Front Shirts with Cut-on Sleeves

Sometime this year I promised myself that I wouldn't make any new button up shirts. The TNT I've been using has always felt a bit tight, and I would really rather wear slightly more feminine blouses to work. But then of course I came home from my travels this summer and made two of them.

Pattern: altered Sewaholic Granville shirt
Version 1: remnants of cotton lace, silk
Version 2: rayon blend and cotton lawn
Cost: $20 and $10

The difference with these is that they are sleeveless. Or rather, have short cut-on sleeves that make them infinitely more casual and comfy to wear. First up is a version that took care of two longstanding remnants in my stash: a cotton lace and a silk cotton blend. The shoulders are actually just the lace, but they don't show up as sheer as I imagined.

I also made another school-themed one with bears (our mascot) to wear to football games. This one has gotten a lot of compliments and is so much easier on the eyes than the bright official ones I made a few years ago. I only bought a little bit of the fabric, so this is color-blocked version that I think is fun.

The pattern is not perfect yet. The sleeves could be a bit bigger and I haven't perfected the overall width. The bears version is slimmer cut than the lace version, and both have a yoke that can be seen from the front which I don't like as much. Perhaps I will go back to the drawing board for this one, or at least give button-up shirts another hiatus.

In other news, I am wearing my new socks that I knit this summer while in Europe! They essentially took me the whole three-month trip to complete, but they were fun to knit up on trains and quiet evenings. They are from Knit Picks's Two at Once, Toe Up, Magic Loop Sock Pattern. I love knitting two at once because I don't have to remember all the decisions and modifications I made along the way. This pattern is great because it also leads you through customizing the fit. I am almost halfway done with another pair!


  1. Love your blouses - those sleeves are just right for short/cap sleeves. I was on a shirt making marathon last year too (they can be addictive with all those fiddly bits) then got finally filled to the brim and craving simple knits, went off on that tangent for a while but lately I've found my mind straying increasingly back to blouses/shirts :)

    1. I think I'm going through that same cycle!

  2. great shirts, very cute modification and way to reuse a pattern!

  3. Cute shirts for sure, but really great outfits! I love the socks and boots! I'm with you on shirt making. It's so fun and I love wearing them, but only when the fit is truly comfortable. I have a couple shirts in the mending basket waiting to become sleeveless at the moment... though it's more likely I'll make up something new first.

    1. Thanks! I've been loving the big socks because so many of my favorite pants are cropped!


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