This Dress is Not the Star

Some of my favorite blogs are full of pretty dresses. The details! The fit! The colors! Worn to the grocery store or a fabulous party, they are the star of the show. But sometimes you need a dress that takes a back seat. That plays support for your favorite coat, or bright shoes, or sparkly necklace. For me, this is that dress.

Pattern: basic t-shirt block 
Fabric: 1.5 yds synthetic blend ponte
Cost: $5

The dress is drafted from my basic t-shirt block. Since my t-shirt pattern ends at the widest part of my hips, all I needed to do to make it into a dress was extend it straight down to my desired length. The end result is fitted but not too tight, just like my favorite t-shirts. Made up in a stable black ponte, it is perfect for work or a night out under my favorite accessories.

The other great thing about a simple t-shirt dress is that the whole thing took just a few hours to make. In fact, I sat down to cut out a top when I realized I could squeeze the dress out of the same fabric, too. A couple of seams later and I was wearing it out to a movie that afternoon! It is very rewarding to get such a functional garment with so little effort. I guess it is my LBD.

So why even blog about such a simple garment? Just a little reminder to myself that I can get a lot wear out of such a simple, easy piece. And another stretchy win for holiday parties and eating!


  1. I love your LBD and I agree something doesn't have to be a big involved make to become one of your favourite things to wear!

  2. Having a really well fitted basic like this is a huge accomplishment! I have been working hard to do the same. I have made maybe six muslins and in having such difficulty with the shoulder and armhole.

    1. Good luck Becky! I say if the pattern you're working with isn't working for you, try out a new one!


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