New Job, New Pants

I started a new job last week! I have to say, it feels really satisfying to finally land a good gig - for me it was the final chapter in my adventure back to school. I am working at a new firm founded by some of my former colleagues and staffed by some of my favorite people. 

And you know what a new job also means? An excuse to make new clothes!

Pattern: my Mambo No. 5 pants pattern block
Fabric: 2 yds stretch woven
Cost: $20

Sartorially, this job is an interesting challenge. It is remote, meaning I could stay in my yoga pants all day. However, I am NOT working from home. Our house is just a bit too small and we all know I couldn't give up my precious sewing space. Instead, I'm working out of a coworking space that was originally started by Mr. Made and some friends. In a serendipitous turn of events, he also started a new job this month so we did a little switcharoo and I have taken over his space while he commutes to his new office. This means I still have to look vaguely presentable during the work day, and also accommodate a short bike commute as well as any meetings or casual meet-ups with my co-workers.

The answer is something akin to the Yoga Dress Pant: stretchy, comfy work wear that can be worn just as easily on my bike as it can to an important meeting. Seriously, these pants are so comfy! The secret is super stretchy bottom-weight fabric with all the office-appropriate details. They have horizontal slash pockets in the front and welt pockets in the back, and a slim straight-cut leg. The fabric has enough stretch so they pull on without any closures, and a wide elastic encased in the waistband that makes everything stay put.

I made these up from my pants block with its latest set of fit tweaks - I am always perfecting this thing. Even with the small tweaks, it is so nice to have a TNT pattern for pants as you save so much time not futzing over the fit. As always, I used a 1" seam allowance on the side seams so that I can make any adjustments based on how tightly woven the fabric is. Basically, I sew everything up, then baste together at the sides to assess how much the fabric stretches and how tight I want the pants to be. This one extra step allows me to use this pattern for so many different types of fabric.

In this case, the fabric is from Stonemountain in Berkeley. I popped in there on my last day off because I had a feeling they would have some good stretch fabrics for me. I used to have to buy all my stretchy pants fabrics online, but in the past few years I have noticed more and more wonderful bottom-weight options at my local fabric stores. Those who follow me on Instagram will know that I found quite a few fabrics - I took home enough for at least four pairs of pants, as well as a few tops to go with them. It was a really satisfying fabric binge.

As you can see, my pants add a little pop of color to my first meeting outfit. Here I'm wearing them with my Granville shirt and my Simplicity Blazer for my first professional work retreat. It is so satisfying to have an entirely me-made meeting outfit, and also SO COMFY. Now all that's left to do is focus on work. 


  1. Congratulations!!! A new job, and a good one with good people, is so exciting. You've earned it! Also, I'm pretty jealous over those stretchy pants. They look good, but oh that stretch! Fantastic work pants :)

  2. Congrats on the new job! those pants look great, you are a pants sewing expert.

  3. Those pants look fabulous on you!

  4. Do you know what the fabric is made from or the Lycra percentage? I need some stretchy pants too. Thanks.


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