My New Everyday Tee

You know it's a good one when you make yourself a casual everyday tee and you wear it EVERY DAY. I mean, I made it when I was working from home so I didn't need that much variety, but this simple shirt has been a real winner.

Pattern: Tessuti's Free Mandy Boat Tee
Fabric: 1.5 yds ponte
Cost: $10

This pattern is Tessuti's free Many Boat Tee, which evolved from their other free pattern, the aptly named Fave Top. It is a really simple one-size-fits-most drop shoulder top, with fitted sleeves that balance the volume of the body very nicely. 

This is actually my second version of the top. I wore the first all over Europe this summer but was getting rather sick of the light lavender color, which doesn't really mix as well with my wardrobe. The black goes with everything and is now why I find myself wearing it ALL THE TIME. 

This version is cut from a black ponte, the same fabric as I used to make my basic black dress. However, after making the dress I only had enough fabric for the body, so I cut the arms from remnants of our Halloween costume fabric. Surprisingly, you'd never notice even though they are slightly different weights and materials. Black for the win!

I am loving this pattern so much right now that I have actually done a pattern hack with some really nice wool sweater knit for the Britex blog. Details on how I combined this pattern with the Style Arc's Dee Knit top on their blog, so check it out because the twist is a lot of fun. 

I am super into sewing basics right now and am wearing them all the time. 

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