Slow Day Inspiration

OK, today I am just overflowing with inspiration (probably because I am slacking off at work).

 Here are some things I'm liking today:

Printed polo shirts. This is a great way to use fun fabric in a casual way. I'm thinking of another Ms. Frizzle creation.

I recently bought a Vogue pattern just because I liked the bodice. Then, on a recent trip to Fabrics R Us, I found an amazing pink and yellow lemon print bathing suit fabric. I'm thinking a bathing suit top like this would be amazing (I'm not a fan of the high-waisted), with piping!

And here's some color-blocking inspiration to go along with a dress I fell in love with. I also like the way they gather the skirt at the top, as I'm always trying to avoid the overly poofy skirt while still getting some gathering.

Will my next knitted project be a knitted intarsia dress? I like that this doesn't have the look of a sweater dress.

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