Made It Through 2021!

This is my tenth sewing year in review. It's become somewhat of a tradition--a little something I do in that lazy time between Christmas and New Year's to reflect on what I've been making. In some years I've run the stats; in others I try to learn something from my mistakes. But as the years go on I'm also just content to make things as my heart desires. Last year I made a lot. This past year I made less. I like to just make things as the mood strikes. If I wear it, that's great. And if I don't, hopefully it at least makes me smile or challenges me in some new way.

One big difference from ten years ago has been the rise of social media, especially Instagram. It seems hardly anyone reads blogs anymore. But I've been doing this so long I'd hate to part with it. So below is a little roundup story I made for Instagram along with some notes about where you can find each project. It's a nice little index of the year. And if you want to watch the video, I'll add it below. 

My favorite project of the year was this embroidered jumpsuit. It was a technically interesting project with lots of fitting and time spent learning new embroidery skills. It used fabric from my stash. And it was a celebration of sorts for getting vaccinated and being able to see more friends, mostly outside in the warm, welcomed days of summer. I loved making it and I loved wearing it, and if there's one memory I want to hold on to from this year it's this one. 

Many of the other things I made this year were well-worn, made me smile, or both! They include:

Most Worn:
Other Favorites:
  • My Perfect T-Shirt pattern, sewed up in two new prints - sharks and stripes
  • Women Shirt - there's just something about this top that feels right - it's fun, put together, easy, and I wore it to get my vaccine!
  • Seabright Swimmers were a fun one-piece suit with great sun protection for kayaking
  • October Days Sweater was a real triumph for me in knitting a beautiful, complicated light-weight sweater that I actually wear
  • Exaggerated shoulders were a new look this year and made both my favorite and least-worn lists
  • The Green Blazer was something I didn't wear at all, but I still like it! Maybe there will be more opportunities this year? (probably not)
  • Railroad Denim - the jury's still out on this particular pair of pants, but I really loved trying out the custom fit of Fayma patterns
There are also a few things that probably won't make the cut
  • My Myosotis dress fit better than the last version, but has gotten a lot less wear. Maybe it just feels too prairie? 
  • Lawren Bathing Suit - despite having a lot of fun choosing the fabrics and loving the cut of this suit, it was still a bit short on me and the neckline was too high. I may try this again with a few adjustements
  • Party Cami was an experiment in converting an old thrifted Halloween Costume into something wearable, but I'm not sure it's made the cut
  • McCall's #7976 Tie-Front Top - this was an interesting experiment in buying two nearly identical-looking McCall's patterns with very different fits. I like the #7920 better

By far my biggest project this year was moving in June. After feeling a bit priced out of the SF bay area, we took advantage of an opportunity to move a few hours south to Santa Cruz County to a new (old) house and closer to family. The change of scenery has brought me a lot of joy, and I'm also trying my hand at seeing how far some paint and a screwdriver can take me in fixing up our place. It's been fun to balance these new skills with sewing projects. 

I hope the new year has something bright in store for you! I don't know where this year will take me, but I'm so ready to be done with 2021!


  1. I had to chuckle at your comment about Instagram v blogs. I have found the new insta algorithms frustrating and stopped using it at all. But, I still like reading blogs and am even considering starting an accountability blog for some pressing goals.

    I'm glad you're still writing. I have noted many a pattern after reading one of your posts!

  2. I love blogs too. So please keep sharing. I get inspired.

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