I'm getting sick of jeans. And not just of jeans, but skinny jeans, sold for a dime a dozen at every retail outlet along the mall. Sure, there was a time when shopping for jeans was a struggle--so many fits, styles, sizes--but now that I have figured out what brands fit me best, all that is left to do is stop by one of three retail outlets of choice and pick up a $12 pair. But skinny jeans are not a universal pant. They are a certain style, and not too suitable for work (although excellent for cycling around). In essence, my pant wardrobe lacks versatility.

It is with this that I have begun my pants obsession. It has started with my quest to make the perfect work pant, documented here. On this page I will catalog my other creative pants inspirations:

On September 1, 2010, Natalie Purschwitz completed her 365 days of making her own garments, shoes and other garment necessities. I can't imagine having to do that much sewing and maintaining my quality control, but Natalie's garments are inspiringly creative in their cut and design. I fell in love with these pants (made on day 247), and desperately have wanted a pattern. I found the actual pants for sale here. I think my version will be made from this Burda 7551 pattern. While the Burda pattern is designed for stretch knits as far as I can tell, it looks like it might still have a back zipper and can be made up with a drapey woven fabric.

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