First Sweater

Yarn: about 6 skeins of Plymouth, Galway Worsted in white ($5.99/ball)

Pattern: Peppermint Twist Sweater from Stitch 'n' Bitch

This is my first sweater, knit from the scrap yarn of my much-too-complicated attempt at a first sweater project. I finished this one during a ski trip a couple of years ago, and it's a good lounge piece. It's knit using I learned a lot about sizing and working with gauge. The piece turned out a little too wide and a little too short, but at least it's wearable.
Lesson learned, I do not recommend an overly-complicated stitch pattern for a first sweater (see the scrap from my first attempt at right). Not only did I try to invent my own cable, but my own pattern as well (don't we all like to think we are so independent and capable). It proved to be too time consuming and virtually impossible to undo mistakes, so I took the yarn and made this much more simple, classic piece above. The next sweater I made I did design myself, with much more successful results. Ah patience...

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